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Shanghai Dortmund decoration material co., LTD., is specialized is engaged in the artificial stone, jade background wall, such as research and development, production, processing, sale, installation as one of the company.

Our company has strong technical force, to ensure that consumers can use to the green environmental protection, quality first-class products. Company products are exported to southeast Asia and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions, in similar products, high technology content, the product is not easy to deformation, the characteristics of the joining together seamlessly. We in line with people-oriented, environmental protection first, service home concept for the general customer service, to ensure that every consumer in the later use no worries. Our main products are light plate, marble, artificial stone, Mosaic jade background wall, etc.

Pervious to light stone inside and outside decorating plate has been more and more applied to create a space atmosphere, flexible design solution, the application possibility of multi-level, the advantages of simple maintenance, Shanghai has pervious to light stone is more for the construction industry to provide the innovative design of the rich possibilities.
Color, formation than the pervious to light stone texture and luster - Shanghai will be the important quality feed into any building installation scheme. Show the broad scope of design style and performance ability, can meet the requirements of the specifications of the customers. Or through inspired design experience to feel our material advantage.

Shanghai Dortmund pervious to light stone with advanced research techniques and production equipment at home and abroad, and the success of the design and development has the domestic leading level of pervious to light stone slab, Spain and marble and large non-standard engineering lighting and other products; Shanghai Dortmund pervious to light stone since its establishment, relying on excellent management, professional technical force, partial nationwide marketing network, perfect after-sales service system, as well as the general distributor of assistance, has been formed to pervious to light stone plate, Spanish marble lamp, wall lamp, imitation marble lamps, scagliola engineering pervious to light stone tools and other five series more than two hundred kinds of products, and with a strong non-standard pervious to light stone engineering lighting, pervious to light Shi Lizhu ability of design, development, production and engineering; Products are exported to the United States, the European Union and southeast Asia and other countries and regions.

Shanghai Dortmund decoration material co., LTD. Has excellent design team and rigorous research and development and manufacture of the city competitiveness of carve patterns or designs on woodwork marble droplight, desk lamp, wall lamp, floor lamp, corridor lamp and marble plank etc series products. Everything comes from our first-class design meticulously.